Product Sourcing Ticketing Request

Frequently Asked Questions:

You don't have a supplier yet?

That's fine, simply detail the product you are wanting to source and/or how you want to customise your product and we will help you find the best-matching factory in China and get you the best prices and production plan.

You already have a supplier?

We can help you manage your bulk order, quality inspection and arrange international logistics. If you don’t want to have to communicate with your suppliers, we can handle that aspect for you.

Already placed an order with your supplier but need product photography, video and/or shipping services?

We can help you store products from different suppliers in our warehouse, do quality inspections, and arrange international shipping. Check out our product photography and video and shipping options.

What do you charge?

We charge a service fee of 7.5% which includes finding and sourcing the best product supplier from our network, communication with supplier for product development requirements, product inspection after bulk order production, warehousing if needed for 1 month, arrangement of delivery of bulk order and samples (via air or sea shipping).

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